Birdie, 2017


1874 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303, The sculpture is located near the Municipal Palo Alto Golf Course practice area on Embarcadero Road.

Birdie, 2017 by Joyce Hsu

About the Artwork

Joyce Hsu's Birdie is a playful, origami-inspired sculpture that faces the Baylands Natural Preserve, joyfully reminding visitors of the unique setting and important habitat for migratory birds. A humorous play on words, Birdie spreads its kinetic wings while balancing on a white golf tee.

About the Artist

Joyce Hsu is an interdisciplinary Oakland-based artist working primarily in sculpture, installation and public art. Her art playfully re-invents icons familiar in contemporary culture and art history, with the intention of linking a contemporary site with its over-arching cultural narratives.

Did You Know?

Other permanent public art installations by Joyce Hsu can be found in San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, and at the San Francisco International Airport.