Skyhook Boca Raton, 1993


1313 Newell Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, The sculpture is located in the Palo Alto Art Center Sculpture Garden.

Skyhook Boca Raton, 1993 by Peter Shire

About the Artwork

Using asymmetrical lines, wheels, wires, and pulleys, Peter Shire creates an illusion of movement in Skyhook Boca Raton. The Los Angeles-based artist was a founding member of the Memphis Design Group in 1981, which reacted to minimalism and mid-century modern design in its use of Art Deco-inspired geometric forms paired with a bold color palette. Shire’s significant visual language has a playful approach, as he freely draws inspiration from crafts, fine art, toys, and industrial design.

About the Artist

Born in Los Angeles, in the Echo Park area where he still resides today, Peter Shire is a native in a city that prides itself on the many cultures and languages it comprises. Shire recognizes the role his family had on both his social commitments and the development of his art. In particular, the artist acknowledges that his father’s concern with craftsmanship, with which he became familiar while working in his furniture design and manufacturer business, had a powerful impact on his later artistic views.

Artist Quote

“The art world likes to categorize artists. When I think about my position in the art world, I realize it is extremely mobile because I include and cross over so many boundaries.” – Peter Shire


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Did You Know?

The sculpture was fully assembled in Los Angeles and then driven to Palo Alto in the artist's own car.