Palo Alto Dog Row, 2019


This mural is located along Jacaranda Lane on the California Avenue Parking Garage construction fence.

Palo Alto Dog Row - Samuel Price

About the Artwork

This mural is a compilation of the many collaged dog portraits that Price has created over the past several years, for people from all over the world. Each image was originally constructed by hand with hundreds of tiny magazine squares on canvas. The sequence of dogs is a heartwarming and technically skilled rendering of our furry companions.

About the Artist

Samuel Price is a collage artist from San Francisco. He creates unique handmade animal portraits with tiny magazine paper squares.

Over the last 20 years, Price has worked to develop and customize my own collage technique (adapted from artists like Chuck Close and David Hockney) that is both simple and expressive.

Did You Know?

For many types of glossy paper, like that used for magazines, it requires 15 trees to make about 1,100 magazines. Price repurposes about 20 magazines every day, or 96,000 over the 20 years he's been making his stunning collages—that's 13,000 trees saved over the course of his creative career.

Grid Dog Collage Time Lapse

  • Grid Dog Collage Time Lapse