Kaikoo V, 1988


1875 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, The sculpture is located in the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course.

Kaikoo V, 1988 by Betty Gold

About the Artwork

Kaikoo V is an abstract metal sculpture that adorns the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course. The 23-foot-tall, red-painted structure poses a striking contrast against the surrounding greenery.

About the Artist

Betty Gold is a sculptor, painter, and photographer based in Venice, CA. Although Gold’s prolific creative efforts include painting, drawing, silk screening, tapestry and jewelry design and photography, sculpture remains her primary interest. She expresses herself artistically both in an abstract style and in non-objective geometric patterns. All of her outdoor pieces are constructed from welded steel and are either painted with glossy enamel or left in their raw steel state to rust to a velvety patina. Her indoor pieces are created from bronze, welded steel or wood, and are painted, decorated or left in their natural state.

Artist Quote

“My inspiration comes from many directions, experiences, and channels, but my work always begins with the simple act of folding paper. I create a flat, rectangular structure, deconstruct the parts and reassemble them into the whole, then create a set of drawings and geometric models based on the linear geometry of rotating movement.” – Betty Gold

Interview with Betty Gold

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Did You Know?

The sculpture was gifted to the City of Palo Alto by Sinskey Vineyards of Napa, California in 1990.