Cloud Forest, 2013


3700 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA, , The artwork is located in the entry of Palo Alto’s Mitchell Park Library.

Cloud Forest, 2013 by Roger Stoller

About the Artwork

Inspired by El Palo Alto – the tree that our City is named for - Cloud Forest is an outdoor/indoor dynamic artwork for the entrance to the new Mitchell Park Library. The piece, created by Stoller using his signature Metal-Lace technique, plays on the unique connection between the coastal redwoods and the marine layer that comes off the Pacific Ocean. This work is about the phenomenon of the ocean mist providing a nurturing environment for these forests to thrive, much like the Library's role in spreading seeds of knowledge to the community. The abstract artwork is a metaphor for the relationship between the new Library and the community, between the City and Silicon Valley, & between Silicon Valley and the world. Stoller’s intent was for Cloud Forest to "transform the library entrance into a steel-forest portal of abstract shape and light”. The artwork created out of a latticework of stainless steel draws viewers into the library from a distance. On closer study, one can find images within the lacy steel pattern: clouds, birds, seeds, and unfurling sprouts. The steel curves subtly billow from the wall to join with the hand-brushed finishes in creating mesmerizing light reflections.

About the Artist

Roger White Stoller sculpts full time out of studios in Portola Valley and San Jose, California. Stoller Studio’s ongoing production includes public art, fine art works and applied art commissions [functional works]. Studio methods range from bronze casting & stone carving to 3-D computer modeling & waterjet cutting, combining the best of old world craft with modern technology. He has public commissions in Carlsbad, Mountain View, Oakland, Stockton and San Jose in California, and across the US.


  • Installation of "Cloud Forest" at Mitchell Park Library and Community Center, Palo Alto, 2013