X-Factor, 2019


This mural is located along Ash Street on the California Avenue Parking Garage construction fence.

X-Factor - Oree Originol

About the Artwork

Originol's background as a graffiti artist is clearly demonstrated here with the complex overlapping shapes and colors. The vibrancy and chaos of the composition are meant to shock viewers out of the mundaneness of their lives as they navigate the Palo Alto city streets. Within the chaos, however, is structure -- The mural features several discrete sections of bright, complex patterns, demarcated with black and white Xs. From the scintillating forms to the density of complex shapes, the mural is sure to ignite inspiration in passersby.

Artist Quote

"‘X-Factor’ is a burst of energy that contrasts the dull environment we are surrounded by in a city. It reminds us that beneath the mundane aspect of our day to day lives there lies a spark that is always ready to ignite into a flame that consumes everything that does not inspire. The dynamic composition of shapes and colors plays with our emotions elevating the spirit to continue to push through the day as we get one step closer to reaching our goals in life. It inspires us to tap into the young spirit allowing us to focus on pleasure as the meaning of our existence." -- Oree Originol

About the Artist

Oree Originol is a visual artist from Los Angeles, CA. As a child, he discovered his artistic talents by drawing cartoon figures in school. Gang culture in his neighborhood inspired him to seek recognition as a graffiti artist. He started gaining visibility as a “tagger” in his area of North East Los Angeles but it wasn’t until 2009 when he decided to move to the Bay Area to pursue an art career and build a meaningful connection with the community.

Inspired by the shapes of everyday objects that surround our environment he was able to develop a unique art style consisting of colorful shapes arranged in dynamic compositions. This came to be his defining style of work but in 2012, he joined the artist/activist network, Culturestrike, which opened up his art to activism and social engagement. Collaborating with other artists/activists gave him a deeper perspective of the power culture and politics.

Did You Know?

On January 1, 2014, inspired by Black Lives Matter activism, Originol launched Justice For Our Lives, an open-source digital portrait series of people who have been killed by US law enforcement. The black and white portraits have served as pivotal instruments in supporting families of those killed who are fighting for justice against state-sponsored terrorism.