Rock 'n Roll, 1981


270 Forest Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, The sculpture is located in the Downtown Library Courtyard.

Rock 'n Roll, 1981 by Joseph Mannino

About the Artwork

Rock 'n Roll accompanied the 14-month-long renovation project of the Downtown Library, contributing to the project's goal of making the library a more inviting space. The sculpture is set on a large base and features four tall, pillar-like structures. The glazed structures, which resemble cross-sections of smokestacks, are painted with light colors and give the impression they have been made with small bricks.

About the Artist

Joseph Mannino was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1950. He received his B.A. degree from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois and his M.F.A. from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. He is currently a professor at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art. Mannino’s personal imagery employs elements of architecture and the colossus for their symbolic reference to the order, values, politics and ambitions of society.

Did You Know?

Each brick in the sculpture has a number imprinted into it, which Mannino used as a reference in constructing the piece, and left the imprints visible for extra articulation of the tiled surface.