Wild, 2013


2901 Cowper St, Palo Alto, CA 94306, A family of four sculptures is located in the small Sequoia Grove at Hoover Park.

Wold, 2013 by Beth Nybeck

About the Artwork

A family of four bears by Kansas City-based artist Beth Nybeck found their home at Hoover Park in 2013. The three small cubs are frolicking near the entrance to the woods from Cowper Street and the larger Mama Bear is keeping a watchful eye from further within the woods. The Public Art Program worked closely with the Midtown Residents Association, Keys School and other community stakeholders to find a piece of art suitable for the park and neighborhood. Park visitors of all ages enjoy interacting with the adorable playful sculptures.

About the Artist

Beth Nybeck bends and shapes large sheets of metal into abstract elegant sculpture. Her forms are inspired by the natural world. Nybeck finds inspiration out in the middle of nature, transfixed by the small nuances she discovers. She will notice how the dew hangs within a spider web, or the intricate pattern found on a decaying leaf, or how a field of wheat can look like the ocean on a particularly windy day. Her artwork frequently features the power, grace, movement, and subtle nuances of nature. Beth's metal masterpieces have been created for Concourse Park, Kansas City, Mo., the John Wayne International Airport, Orange County, Calif. and the National Special Olympic Torch, and Lincoln, Neb., just to name a few.

Artist's Quote

“I hope that my creation will become a vehicle for imagination, storytelling, and play.” Beth Nybeck


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