Whimsy & Wise, 2013


3700 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, The sculptures are located at the entrance to the Mitchell Park Library and community center.

Whimsey & WIse, 2013 by Brad Oldham

About the Artwork

A series of six shiny owls in two poses by Dallas-based artist Brad Oldham, Whimsy & Wise, greet visitors entering the library and community center site. The sculptures, made of mirror-polished stainless steel, physically reflect the environment around them while creating a protective vehicular barrier for visitors to the library and community center. Wise and companion Whimsy explore how the head and the heart work together. Wise tucks his wings at his sides and stands at attention, because he is paying attention. Nothing escapes the notice of this wide-eyed, handsome owl. Whimsy with his exaggerated eyes and puffed-up body features a big personality that is never too serious.

About the Artist

From public community spaces to private homes, sculptor Brad Oldham has created site-specific artworks worldwide. In 2016, Dallas-native Oldham was named the Artist of the Year by the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau. In 2011, the Texas Society of Architects recognized Brad with their prestigious Artisan Award and heralded him as the Artist/ Craftsman of the Year for the American Institute for Architects.

Artist's Quote

The artist was inspired to create playful sculpture that youth would enjoy interacting with. Oldham says, "Each kid walking in to the library will see his reflection and become part of the sculpture."


  • Brad Oldham Sculpture Installation Team At Work