Common Thread, 2019


This mural is located along Sherman Avenue on the California Avenue Parking Garage construction fence.

Common Thread - Allison Kunath

About the Artwork

Common Thread seeks to highlight the commonalities among all people. The mural is brought together with a single string that loops through a collection of hands in various positions. Much of Kunath's previous work also incorporates hands and sign language as a symbol of unity among communities. While each hand assumes a different position, each contributes to an elegant and unified whole spanning the length of the mural.

Artist Quote

"Despite our individual differences, a single thread of universal experience connects us all as we navigate our lives. Considering the ways we reach in and touch similar shades of joy and pain makes it just a little bit easier to find compassion for those we seem to share very little in common with. This life is a collaborative act, and we simply can't do it alone." -- Allison Kunath

About the Artist

In an effort to create more meaningful connections and play an active role in healing the dynamics that divide us, Allison Kunath creates work inspired by relationships and communication. Examining the way she relates to herself, her community, and her environment, her works are meditative responses to those intersections.

Travel plays an important role in her creative process as a key tool for accessing fresh approaches and inspiration. Each new destination offers a chance to relate to both herself and her work in a different way, often resulting in notable shifts in her style and palette.

Did You Know?

Kunath's murals can be found in the US, Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.